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  • 22.04.2008
    This time we decided to cross the borders set by our regular nudist beach shoots. We were shooting the two girls who agreed to pose for X-Nudism portal at the sea-front bordering an ordinary beach, not a nudist one. Usual passers-by witnessed a classy show featuring these two ladies who took off all their clothes and appeared in front of the public absolutely naked. All this had begun when Katya and Alena, the two models who took part in this shoot of ours, had appeared in our studio and said that they were craving to do what was about the craziest thing in their whole lives - they had been craving to star in a naked shoot! Sure, they had expected the shoot to have taken place in the studio with only the photographer watching them but… We had understood that the girls were up to much more than that and offered them an absolutely insane idea - appearing naked in front of totally unfamiliar people. It hadn’t taken us too long to talk Katya and Alena into doing this. Well, the shoot turned out to be fabulous - and right now you have the chance to see how crazy the models and the photographer got this time.



Passers-by couldn’t stop looking at them even when we were still on our way to the beach! Can you imagine what happened to the sunbathers when our cuties got stripped in front of them? The girls were fully aware of the fact that all the attention was now turned to them - and they did their best to use it! There was a beach ball in our ride so the girls decided to play some nude volleyball. Hope you understand what stunning poses they were taking during the game… Is it worth mentioning that most of the men on the beach had to turn over and keep on watching lying on their bellies… :)

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