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  • 22.07.2008
    The next shoot at the nude beach features a very cute girl. Her name is Angela and she is a second-year economics student at university. Angela came to our casting on one summer day and was about to decline our offer when she heard that she would have to pose all naked. However, our cameraman proved to be capable of persuading even this shy cutie. As soon as we got out to the nude beach, Angela ripped her panties off - she admitted that getting an even tan had been her dream for quite some time already. All the sunbathers turned their eyes to this new nudist babe immediately. The girl was apparently proud to get so much attention from strangers - that’s why she was changing poses regularly, trying to show herself from the best angles.  When the shoot was over, Angela admitted that she really enjoyed it - and promised to come back to this beach together with her kitty friends. Hope we’re gonna be there with our cams ready when she does...



Passers-by couldn’t stop looking at them even when we were still on our way to the beach! Can you imagine what happened to the sunbathers when our cuties got stripped in front of them? The girls were fully aware of the fact that all the attention was now turned to them - and they did their best to use it! There was a beach ball in our ride so the girls decided to play some nude volleyball. Hope you understand what stunning poses they were taking during the game… Is it worth mentioning that most of the men on the beach had to turn over and keep on watching lying on their bellies… :)

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