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Fun in the Sun, More Sun and More Fun. Good thing im not trying to make a living as a writer. Any how here are some more girls at the fair.....
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Hi guys... how are you? it's Helen again with another lot of snaps for you! Now as many of you know, I have lots of tattoos so if that scares the crap out of you then don't look!
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She likes to cum for me... You can send her a email (it's o.k. to publish her email addy) We are still looking for a female to play with us, outside of the Detroit area
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Just looking for people in sacramento to get togetehr and have some fun with. To everyone who posts bad comments, post a contri yourself, chicken.
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M* Hubby Hot Tub - I'd like to share with the other ladies here some pictures of my hot husband hot tubbing. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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and beach at sex adult nudist what a beautiful day around my swimming pool. A sunny day with four friends of me...a little oil, high heels, and a camera...a funny day !
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Well people keep asking to see the rest of me. Here are a few so you can see for your self. Thanks for all the coments. I would love to hear from women also.
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Helen 60+ Is Back - We send in 2 contri in september and the was exepted, but they was not published. Now we tray again.Hope its funktion this time.
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This is a set of pictures which my wonderful husband took of me on our 1st anniversary in Vegas. What a great, and naughty time we had.
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hi my name is Cathy a 45 year old wife and lover to Ron, I love to show my body and receive nice emails from other couples and chats on MSN messenger and web cams with the right couples.....
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My Big _g _ Addiction - I want to share my favourite toy with you! He helps me get through the day..... We play our game more then once a day. Do you think i am an addict. xxxxxxxxx
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we had a friend that was a delivery driver and we asked him if we could take some pictures in his truck . he said sure if he could watch. so we let him and the rest is history.