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Here are a few photos of my beautiful wife Jamie. Positive feedback will encourage future contris. Negative feedback will be ignored. :)
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Japanese Wife's first showing, she is a little shy but everyone has a start so please leave your opinion. please leave some suggestion on how to take a better pic (like lighting, color...)
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I sat for a local college photography student recently. She asked me to oil up to get the look she was after. That gave me the idea to incorporate "Shiny" into one of my shoots.
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We spent a few days away from home at a hotel with a great view. We picked a warm sunny afternoon to take some pics, trying to capture the remaining sun light coming through the window.
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Ich war per Fahrrad im Wald unterwegs. Die Fotos wurden direkt neben offentlichen Wegen aufgenommen, die sehr stark von Bikern und Wanderer frequentiert werden.
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We went to a playa (NOT Naked Playa !). The weather was so attractive, that my wife, Joy, want me to take some pictures of her! Hope you enjoy them as I do!
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and public in sex nudismWhat am amazing response from my last posting - you've all been really kind - made me feel great! So here I am again, this time messing around on a fire engine. Getting more adventurous already!