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Looking through some vacation pics I realized how often I don't wear panties. Just natural I guess but sure is often. Here are just afew
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These photos popped her web cherry... If you like what you see please leave a comment and or a suggestion on what you would like to see. If comments are good there will likely be more posts...
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Better 4 Whell Fun - to see more pics of the same day go to main v.w. at a friend house made his day we all had fun. leave your e-mail address and i will reply
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Here's some more of my Sweet Friend. Seems like a few of you folks liked her bush and tattoos. She'd like to hear more. Her name is Louise. What would you like to do with her?
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Thank you for all the great comments for my first contri. So here is the reward, me completely in the naked. I hope everyone enjoys the Bath contri, I just love getting wet!
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We hung out on the playa naked all day and got insanely horny. Here's what happened when we couldn't stand it anymore. She was so wet at the end.
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An old Army buddy had stopped by for a visit so I thought that I would help him relax and unwind a little after having spent a few months in the field. Hope that you enjoy. ChooChoo
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We booked into this hotel, went down for dinner and it was quiet enough we managed to take these photo's. Our lass is still a bit shy so won't show her face just yet.
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Ash Home From Work - Ash looked so good after getting here from work and knowing what was underneath I couldnt resist a few pictures
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brigitte la petite francaise une petite prommenade dans la ville nue sous mon imper comme je le fait tres souvent. n'oubliez pas que j'echange toujours mes photos.contactez moi.
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Here are a couple shots from our "after" New Years eve party. My wife of 12 years and mother of 3 has a better body now then the day we married. I hope you like it as much as I do.
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Nakedkim Goes Public Again - nakedkim thanks all nice comments with more and better nip, if get more votes get more dirty public and maybe red clouds. thanks