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O.K., you asked for more! She has really enjoyed the comments. Her request to pose by our wheat fields (honest!). We are having fun thinking of new ways to pose.
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After dinner out at a nice restaurant and back to the hotel, RG looked great in just her leather jacket...........Hope you think so as well.....
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We were on our way into do some shopping when I said lets have a look at the new estate. Before I knew it my sexy girlfriend decided to do some open air modelling. Lucky I had my camera!
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hello... under the sun of the Caribbean... a white sand range... a dreams's ass desire of nudity... Nataly is 43 yo and two children... asap other pics... bye
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Second instalment, and have sqeezed in a quick anal and ball sucking pic. Keep your comments cumming, im having a ball xxxxxxx
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A guy contacted us through Red Clouds and asked if I'd like to do a photo shoot with him.....well what could I say? My Hubby loved taking the pics and it got pretty hot with me and my new friend!
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this night, it was there marriage anniversery and we three friends were together, but after few hard drinks what happened..... just look.
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Here is a collection of pictures showing my wife. We sent most of them in 2008, but now in full color and some bonus pics. Hope you like them. Ideas for new shootings in 2009 are welcome.
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I was in Malaysia. Snapped these not so good quality pics as she laid poolside! I wasn't the only one with a camera, but I was just a little more discreet! Enjoy.
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She's come along ways...Not so shy to flash or show anymore...I'm sure some who know her will see this post...all I can say is I hope you enjoy...I sure do!
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playa big at grannies old suckingLoved your comments last time on my set "Size D Boobed Brielle" so thought I'd come back for more, showing more! Hope you guys enjoy and that I may inspire a few loads!
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Just Some Fun Pic'S. - These are just a few shots taken of my wife recently. We'd like to know what type of responses they will generate.