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Never played with whipped cream like this before, it was so much fun. What a mess but worth the cleaning. please enjoy and vote for it.
These pictures were taking while me and roomie were in a hotel room bored.... She loves to take pics and was clowning around while I did homework... What do you think?
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Hi Everyone-More misc photos of Cathy that didn't make it last month. . .plus a couple of new ones from this week. Cheers, Dave (& Cathy)
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Hope you like these pictures, we are busy preparing more pics now in response to your many comments. Please keep looking. Jodie xx
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Getting in touch with nature one Sat night. The deck borders some woods. It's a way cool way to appreciate nature..Oh yeah...;)
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Pictures from a year and a half ago - I just love my wife and she's a great subject to take pictures of. I hope you all enjoy.
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These pics were taken by my hubby on our honeymoon. This was actually a very long, slow blowjob-a-thon, that ended with me swallowing every last drop of his cum...yum!
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My name is Anneta! (or maybe not, but who cares, ah?) I am from Spain. First time ever I show myself on this page, but I'd like your opinion on my body, please let me know. Thanx!
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This is Caprice, a fabulous, sexy, and very nice lady. Looks tough on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside. Trades anyone? Leave your email addy.
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So enjoy these seminal moments from a decade of Sandfly dreamtime, a DECADE of shenanigans that many of you have shared with a smile. Maybe also one last picture review, then adieu.
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playa blacks girlsFelt as if I should share some of myself as well as the beautiful women that I've been so fortunate to meet and spend time with. I'm a bit shy so I hope you enjoy.
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A photo shot in the island of Paros, Greece. It was very hot as you can imagine and at the end of the session, we discovered that 4 people, hidden by the rocks, was looking to Tina.... :-)