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A few more photos for you to enjoy. Hopefully they fulfil some of the requests I've received. I look forward to all the comments - even the bad ones!!
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This sunny day I will take a walk through the field with a friend. It has a cock always hard and ready for my. I am so excited that I have to take off my panties in the car
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This is my wife, Sorry we can't show her face. Please let us know what you think. THis is a collection of pics we have. If you would like more we can post more.
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Hey, you silly man: do you see now what you can not have furthermore? You can take everything (whenever you want) when you come back to me!
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Here is again Caterina for your pleasure. She is still not convinced about a RC contri. Try and vote her and especially send comments, in particular from women.
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Just some pics we havent posted yet, again she loves to read the comments so the more the better. Thanks everyone. Going to start sharing her soon so should have some great pictures for you all!
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Hi Gang, che aria tira da voi? Qui un bel venticello caldo, l'ideale per fare qualche foto all'aperto......un bacio a Paolo e Tiziana.
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Some nice pics of a beautiful hairy girl I met on the net. She emailed me some pics to spread around the net to make her famous. Please leave comments.
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Maggie - There is really no story behind these pictures. It has been a little while since I posted some, took a few new ones for you all and I hope you enjoy them!
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With Voyeurweb having been down, and work commitments, we've really been missing out, but we're back fo a little fun now, as long as you still want it, of course....
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strand chubby nudeOnce again, we met in Paris.... We decided to have dinner outside. But Dodo really wanted to surprise me.... Less sex but a great show....Have a look and comment ! LoveMachine