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These were taken on a week day afternoon, while our kids were at school. I was in one of my moods... so I decided to interrupt the hubby working!!!! This is a snapshot of what we got up to!!!!!
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My GF and I came across this site recently and wanted to submit some of our sexy photos to see what you all think. We'll be glad to read all your comments and also glad to have your vote :) Thanks
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When Anne decided to skinny dip yesterday, I couldn't help grabbing the camera phone and snapping some shots. Too hot to not share!
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Hi, Here are some more photos from one of our trips to Mexico.Thank you for all the great comments from my last contris.......Jay
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Hello everyone. My husband and I were bored one night so we decided to have a little fun and here is what turned out. Hope you all enjoy, If the comments are good maybe well do it again soon.
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I told her shes got a nice ass, and about the contest. She seemed intrigued, so let her know if you want to see more and she might agree.
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My nips get perky waiting for my boyfriend. I know he will make them harder. Love good comments, will show you more if I like.
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They say that my wife has a very sexy ass. She loves to wear micro shorts to show cause and my friends. And so they arrive a few friends.
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My birthday is coming up so i thought I would give myself a present. Here's a contribution picked solely by me. Hopefully she'll like the ones I picked.....
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Here are a few more of Maryann. She was suprised by the amount of her last contribution's response. Said she would do a few more for now.
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Horny wife of Horny Couple. She loves to show herself in front of a camera. She really has a nice and horny body. She's as horny as she lookes like. Please let us know what you think of her!
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There always has to be a first time - thinking about my first GG experience while my horny partner watches and of course joins in!!!