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I was out and about the other day looking for men or women who would like my outfit. A friend picked me up, and when we got to his place, he took these shots to commemorate the evening.
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Hello, thought I would try putting my wife on here, once more, maybe you will enjoy these a little better, or maybe not. And Cam no white chair in these, he/he.
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Little Ang Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments! Never thought we would get that type of response. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see.
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It's a little hard to take pics when you're involved in the action! We could use a cameraman when we fuck Melanie. Well, we do the best that we can.
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It was a warm summer day and Kristen felt like a like a walk, naked, in the marsh. She loves being outdoors naked, and loves even more being admired by men when she is naked.
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Hello everyone in voyeurland! I wanted to share some past photos with you. I am looking for someone to take pictures with Texas Style...if your interested leave an e-mail.
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beach girls manhattan nude beach Marie - Home Improvement - Give me a dreary day, a lovely woman named Marie, and my camera, and this is the result. These are the first few photographs of Marie. Please let us know what you think.
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The last set of pics of Bootyful for now. She appreciated the nice comments she received and if anyone wants to trade WIFE pics, let me know.
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After receiving some really wonderful comments, I couldn't wait to post more! This is the first in my Fire & Ice set. Let me know what you think and I'm open to suggestions. Enjoy!
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Summergirl Summer - Do you like this outfit my hubby got me? I love sexy lingerie. Unfortunately, I never seem to be able to keep it on very long!
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Back For Hot Comments And For Sharing - I want to share with people who likes my little wife and to read what you would do if you could meet her ...
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We also get a few messages without email address' which is a shame as we always like to say hi or thank everyone for their time and effort commenting on our photos.