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Story : missed the postings/bulletin of the last contri. Anyway, here's more pics for u voyuers enjoyment. BTW, thanks IGOR for personally commenting the last contri. More to come....
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There were not many people around as it was a week day, we found a secluded spot I had been asking for a while for her to let me take some pics outdoors we have shot many at home but nothing like this.
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Hi all!! I have no idea why I titled this one...Musical Skyy...I can't play a lic. Would it be alright if I just play with myself next time?? Skyy
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Crazy Irish Red Random More random shots of CIR. She's a nut. Positive comments and votes mean more, Negatives, well, This is America!!! Thank
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This 46 yr old loves the sun and water. For the people that don't like no face pics move on we don't want to hear your bad comments.
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ma redheat aime bien l'halloween pour avoir des gros bonbons. je vous souhaites une belle soiree d'holloween. si vous avez des gros bonbons pour elle alors allez-y,elle aime avoir la bouche pleine. xxx
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hi kate and gang this is my third contri of my wife we maked it today because it's very nice weather and we were driving around with the car call it carpics regards from holland
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Everynow and then I can get Dawn to go hunting with me. But I would much rather see her in the clothes and chase her in the woods. Hope you like.
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Hi kate!!!!! This is my american girl friend, ANNA... Happy X-MAS for all, hope you enjoy ps: please dont'show our e-mail , (this contri is for private shots...)
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sorry the pics are not good tried to improve them but failed still new at this and its hard to take pics of my self any one want to help
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El viernes pasado fuimos Ana y yo de compras y fijaros como se le ocurrio "vestirse". Os podeis imaginar que se nos olvido la compra y estuvimos el fin de semana "a dieta".