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Hi to all from cold Germany, Iwould like to thank you for all your nice comments! The summer is over, but we have now a lot of hot summer pics at german girl?s private site. many kisses, Yvone
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Found these photos of a girlfriend I had in 1978. scanned from neg poor quality. She was a fun girl and I hope she sees these, brings back good memories.
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My wife celebrates her 50th birthday in a few weeks. To me she is as sexy and sweet as the day we first met, over thirty years ago.
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We have been wanting to post for a while but she is worried someone she knows will see her. We have several videos of me cumming on her boobs to put up. Hope you all enjoy
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Caught my bbw wife in shower. like tto see what response i get.Have many more to show if comments are good. THanks Have a happy New Year everyone. BBWatcher
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This is my 3rd posting of my sexy Tee. The more positive feedback I get, the more clothes come off! I love her body and enjoy making them public. The best part is she likes it too!
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