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*SP "H" My Self Portrait Sorry these pics are a little dark as i had problems with the lighting, its the first time i have tried to take pics on my own without hubby. I hope you like them
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My wife really shocked me when she came out of her top, right on the plage at our resort. She's normally very reserved. Some of the cabana boys even came over without a flinch from her.
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I was a naughty girl hubby had to discipline me while I was blind folded so I didn't know what he would do next you can guess my surprise when he shoved his hard cock in my mouth
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These were taken by my lover at his apartment. I wanted to put my hair up for the shoot but I had to put my hair down this time since my lover thought it looked better. Love,
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Kate Spotted this gal asleep by the pool in Bangkok. In the last shot she got up and I just walked by with my Minolta ready. The Voyographer Sydney, Australia Monday, April 27, 1998
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I have wanted to post for a long time, but never really got it done. bacause of job I do not want to show my face, hope you understand
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As you can see from the pictures she loves the big ones & wants two cocks in her at the same time. There will be more if you like these. Please no e-mail address. She does not know it yet.
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Sorry, Toni does not want her face exposed...maybe after she is more comfortable! Hope you like and respond with dirty comments, she loves to hear nasty stuff. Go for it!
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Hi guys, can you really imagine what hungry and wild animal is hiding behind this white thong? Love to see huge cocks and big loads. All comments welcome! Hot Kisses M.
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Hello everyone. Just some photos from our vacation last summer. She's a mother of three and 36 yo. We both like photography and there is more to come if comments are good. XOX
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Un Dimanche Au Soleil - Apres ce repas dominical au soleil, il est temps de se reposer.Mais diable que se passe t'il avec cette robe ?
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plage lesbians wetThese shots were taken at a naked bathing sand we are keen on. We took quite a few pics that day, so, rather than delete the rest, we thought of using them up in a couple of contris.