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There isn't much to tell, Max is a friend of Chrissy whom I believe you have met. She really wanted to know what it felt like to have her picture taken. Please let me know what you think!
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SweetTits First Time Hello all this was a outdoor play day. Topless and flashing it was alot of fun. First time for everything. Hugs-N-Kisses!!!
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Buon Compleanno! - Happy Birthday! - Buon Compleanno alla mia Bellissima Moglie!!!!! Happy Birthday to my beatiful wife!!!! ti amo! I love you!
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I am sending you 5 pictures of my wife that were taken up in the mountains.You posted her pictures in the "private shots" section so I thoughtyou might like these.
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Once a year a local Tampa radio station puts on one hell of a kick a$% concert in a remote farm field, it runs all weekend and is called LiveStock. Here is some of what happens in the campground....
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Dutch Waitress Shows off At Home - Hello, my name is Sonja and I am 22 years old waitress from Amsterdam. I hope you like my pics. xoxoxo
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Firts of all we want to thank a lot for the very nice comments for contris on "Nude in public". She is so excited that decide to satisfy your demands.. She is waiting for your comments. HI.
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beach muffs naked moms on Here are some pictures from our November cruise. This was the night of the Captain's dinner. Meg looked so stunning; I could not resist capturing the evening. I hope you enjoy the images.
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These are not really RC material, but I know they won't make the standard VW. Wanted to show more of Crazy Jamaica. All are taken at a resort which does not allow nudity.
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Kristina 4 - Some of you were disappointed that I wasn't wearing a thong in my last contri. So, here's another set...with a thong! I aim to please.
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These are for those that liked my first set of preggo pics. If you don't like seeing pregnant women naked then why did you click the link?
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Not much to say, just had some fun early this morning, before the Texas heat kicked in...then went for a lunch time dip in our neighbors pool.