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Night two. Now we are already thinking of what to do on our 19th anniversary next year! All comments and new ideas are always appreciated and enjoyed. :o)
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Thank you for all your great comments and support, it's really appreciated and makes us want to try harder and harder with every set we submit.
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Missing Husband 2 Here are a few more pics I took to send my husband while he's away. I found the stockings much more entertaining off. I would love some feedback.
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These are follow up pictures from our trip to St Maarten with Tony & Cheri. April & Cheri had a ton of fun togheter as you can see.
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Throw her in the pool and then grab the camera. My wife has no clue I was recording. The last picture was a different day and leaves nothing to the imagination. No email address please.
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First off-- for everyone out there that doesn't like Pee pictures this post is NOT for you! There are plenty that do so just don't look at it. For everyone that does like them this should be a treat!
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This is my second time post here... Thanks for good comment from Michele, Jan B, Janet, Dee,... and all others! Tell me if you like and suggest me some ideas for next country... BACI
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Scusate se non si vede il viso, ma finora non sono riuscito a convincerla a mostarrsi di più. Se sapete come aiutrami a convincerla....
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sand naked beautiful on of most girlsCiao...ecco qui ancora scatta tratti da un avi fatto con una telecamera nascosta in casa della mia ex..questa A? sua sorella...una grande maialona.
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plage naked beautiful on of avi most girlsThis year New Orleans was packed more then most. The weather was cold at night but felt great during the day. These are a few of the ladies I saw while I was down Bourbon.
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Canadian Girl - These are some pictures of a really sweet girl from AB, Canada. She wanted me to take some pics of her for her bf.
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sand naked beautiful on of avi most girlsHello Y'all, She really has enjoyed the comments, so here are more pics for you to enjoy. Did I ever mention this is my best friend wife?