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As suggested by a lot of viewers, here is some of the various swimsuits Lalie has got. She loves showing them off. Enjoy! We do.
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Here are some more pictures on my Fantastic Wife! Since she has a terrific butt I thought you might like to see a little more of it! Please let her know if you like this and perhaps there will be more!
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Hello all, A lot of you ask for more, so i thought this is maybe nice to show to you....... Hope you like this serie and ofcourse leave a message and vote for me..... Hotass and Hubby
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wonderfull comments at our contri. thanks to all who appreciated.here is jyoti again for your pleasure. no doubt she is slightly overweight, but i like it.
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La mia Vacca ha voglia di farsi montare e perciA? vuole farsi riconoscere da tutti, fatevi avanti e montatela con me che assisto
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Sorry it has been so long since my first contri. Here is part 1 of a good time I had with my boyfriend. Another shout out to Jayme in Vancouver! Hugs and kisses,
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Well, I've never posted on here before and I just thought "what the hell"! Let me know what you think. The first 3 pics were taken new years day, the others are a little older. Hope you enjoy.
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Just hanging with a few friends one evening after a night out. Obviously I didn't get much sleep that night...or the next.
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If the comments are favorable shipping more I don"t want to compete My wife the Motel, doesn't imagine sent photos I don't know English, for this reason i write bad
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Thanks for all the nice comments on my last contri! I tried to send another but it was rejected cause too many closeups!!?? Anyway, I gotta try for some more full body I guess! Enjoy. luv, Lis
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I just don't know anymore. I really find myself unattractive. So I am facing my demons. Threw some paint on, took some photos. Demons slain. I'm an artist.
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This was a day I was taking some photos to a friend in my house, my boyfriend was there with me. After some drinks, we started playing and our friend became the photographer, and we became his models!