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Hello guys, going to re-submit these pics of Betsy in the campground. We sent them in a little while back and they were not accepted, hope they are better now. Thanks
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I picked up this leopard bikini on sale, but since it's winter up here, I could only wear it indoors. That's no fun, so off it went!
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Sexy Granny 2 hi all Thanks for the great response to my first pictures. all the comments were really great to read so we have decided to put some more on hope you like the
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and another set of the perfect rear. Would you agree???? I think there should be a Specific WW pic posting page. I bought hers about a month ago. now waiting for summer time.
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Yes this summer is the best, thanks for yours beatiful coments of my friend. She is very happy and so hot. Please send more positive coments. RC?? well see "sex on the beach" posted.
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It's been quite a while since welast sent in pictures, but we just got back from Vegas and thought these were worthy enough! Hope everyone enjoys!
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it has been a while since my last contri please comment as i love to read what you think and please leave your email adress if you would like me to contact you xxx kat
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We rarely go to swingers clubs but, from time to time, it's very pleasant. There are always many beautiful couples in our favourite club and we had a very hot night once again.
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I was just being such a tease showing off all my curves for you to enjoy. It feels so good to be naked just laying around and it is even more fun knowing you are watching me babe. Kisses
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This woman's relaxed body language says it all. Interviewing one of the reps from the London WNBR 2010, the French TV journalist shows us how news coverage should be done… Enjoy!
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Sexy Hawaiian mom of three in her first ever contri. C'mon and leave her some encouraging comments so that she will contribute more soon... MAHALO P.S. Please dont publish email address
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When we last met I you wanted to get closer to me remember? So, I promised to pickup our conversation from my last pic. Well then, let's chat.