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Here are some photo of me. I took them for my girlfriend, but I like to share and to have others' comments :) May be more to come if comments are kind.
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Here's the rest of them. Would love to hear comments on the BB ... especially from the ladies as she has expressed an interest. Bi now!
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Hi folks, I just wanted to know what you thought of my new teddy? If you like these pics I have more at my redclouds site http://community.redclouds.com/sue_lei Chow
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Thanks for all your lovely comments (even you...yes you the anonymous coward...hidden behind your screen). As promised, the 2 nd part of our last MFM.
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Isn't it funny, some times you start out with clothes and then off they come. Here, I wanted some shots in a see thru bikini, but Alicia was already naked. What a problem. Here is how it all went down.
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beach pics sex Girlfriend lost bet. Had to pose in public, so we found a small housing developement being built. Thought we were alone, but a few contractors we found work on the weekends.
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beach pics sex Here'sa set of pics of me having some fun with my favoritepyrex toys! Thanks for all of the great comments.I look forward to hearing from you all again. Keeps those votes coming!
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it was the premiere of my new camera, the photos arenA?t very good because they still donA?t know the camera, but the next will be much better.
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It took a lot of time to convince my darling wife natasha to pose for the camera. please let us know what you think as your comments will pursuade her to pose for more Dillan
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This is 100% real, no mirrors or tricks! first time on the web, my double vaginas, I can do things that would make Charlie Sheen blush!
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Hears Hot Red in Black &white! hope the last photo makes it through! thanks to for all the nice comments she loves it!!! any sugestions? soon Mr B
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Hello watchers, Hope you remenber me and you enjoy that contri, Please coment i apreciate it so much. J'attends tout vos commentaires avec impatience, Bises, Kisses