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I was so happy to see all of the nice comments from my last posting. So I am posting another set. If you like these photos I will post some more.
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Still haven't convinced my wife of 40+ to allow me to post so it's being done without knowledge. That really makes it exciting and gets your blood flowing.
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We took these pictures to put us in the mood for nasty anal sex. Lani was begging to be fucked in the ass by the time we finished the photos. Enjoy!!!
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i was excited and alone so decided to masturbate. As i saw my neighbour at window just before i start to exhib at window. I'm not sure she saw me but it seems i saw somebody move behind the curtains ;)
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I am very much a voyeur, and thought I could return to those whom have given me so much. This is my first time, more to cum if liked. No male or bashing comments please.
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Thanks for all of the comments from the last contribution! I appreciate it. Many asked for more pics, so here you go...I hope you enjoy them as much as the last one.
This contri is for all the poor guys and girls stuck sitting in an office, in a suit, talking about a bunch of things you don't care about anyway. Some times I wear a tie too! :)
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Sunday morning in the village. She is 48 years old and it is the first of seven or eight parts so vote for her and enjoy her body.
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This is a first time post to show and share. We are curious to hear feedback, but cautious on what to explore to post. So we are testing the waters before we dive in and show much more.
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playa the curvy black on asses walkingThis is my very, very, very shy wife. She did this as a Valentines Day present for me. I'm hoping she'll do it again sometime! PDPMEMA!
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Hi again, it's me, the anal slut. This time I played with one of my favorite toys, a blue veined vibrator. It feels nice up my ass. Thanks for looking!