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Kate, I have yet to see my first submission posted, but I hope you liked the "up-close" uppies. Here are a few photos taken from a Hot Bod contest in Ft. Lauderdale. Enjoy! -
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I was watching at my new neighbour sunbathing in a bikini while all of a sudden she decides to go topless. Quite a scene !!! I could not believe it.
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Me again...this is part of the weekend shoot hubby and I did. He tells me I have a great bottom...I keep working on it. More will be in RC as they got a little too "close" for VW. Later...
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My hubby and I had some fun one night with "down-under" hair dye.. We've been members for many years, but hadn't wanted to post pics until now. Hope you enjoy!
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beach the fuck young on teens Hello voyuers. Thanks for all the great comments. If only you would vote I could at least get on the main page!! Keep it up!! I love it!!
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It's been a while, but I am back. I have many memories over the past year, and many photos. I want to share some from some exciting times before. We want to know what you think, and more to come.
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Well, the weather changes and with the caressing warmth, comes the urge to go out and shoot new contris. Ahhh... I love the spring. As promised, here is the second part of our Matawan lake pictorial.
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Pearls between Mariska's sweet lips make her looks so special. Please be kind and leave a nice comment. And a superb vote would be appreciated. Tell her what you like to see.
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D'Marie wondered if her new bikini would result in her getting a special gift. Of course she had to wear it in a very warm sunny place and you can see the results.
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hi, everyone - this is our first contribution. we are from southwest-germany and we hoppe you?ll enjoy our pics from a great sunday afternoon. if you wanne see more -> VOTE FOR US :)
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thanks for the great comments, we both loved them, decided to post some more, will try to answer all that posted their emails. don't even ask about her shaving either..
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Hello! come back again For U .I N4ThaiGirl or "TG" . I age 22 year , Really , I was born year 1986. I'm Asia woman. I tall 155 centimeter.