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First time for Gina on the web. I can't believe she said yes when I asked. I hope you all enjoy. Hopefully, it won't be the last.
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Once we figured out what the contest was and what the photos required we jumped for the camera and started having some fun hope you enjoy!!!
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Here we are in a wonderful Alpine wellness hotel in our room last winter. She is looking out the snow falling down.. What a view....
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This is my wife's first one, she hesitated at first but then she relaxed and enjoyed herself. Even after being caught she didn't mind it.
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boob beach big on My wife is almost 7 months pregnant and she is still horny like a nymphomaniac and wants the world to know about it. What a better place than VW to do it.
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Hello to all. First time for my wife. Sorry for the harsh crops (the photos, not the subject!). Maybe some good comments will get her to open up? pdpmem
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It's been a while since our last contribution and we discovered it's still fun. M is shy but loves the excitment of others looking.
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tried yesterday but i dont think it worked new to this must have done something wrong maybe still am see if this works 1st time with digi cam
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boob sand big onNorcal Playa - We skipped out from work early and found a plage. There are many more-please let us know if you'd like to see more.
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durante una gita in campagna, mia moglie e rimasta senza benzina , ha spinto... spinto...spinto, poi si e riposata ...ed ho spinto un pò io....
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Dee was able to hook up with one of her photographers for a quick shoot. She has more post coming to VW soon! Thanks to all who enjoy her post!
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Sadly I finnished just outside the prize money, those places seem to be reserved for naked sand shots, dont get me wrong they are great shots and if they get voted top that is the way it should be.