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A few summers ago I got a bikini for the first time in my life and wanted to show myself off... Took some self-timed pictures, tell me what you think!
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Japanese Wife's first showing, she is a little shy but everyone has a start so please leave your opinion. please leave some suggestion on how to take a better pic (like lighting, color...)
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hallo kate.....thanks. manco da parecchio,ma spero che questi pochi scatti siano di vostro gusto.forse sono troppo pudici?...lo sappiamo,ma non erano previsti! e poi davanti al vaticano!!!!!!!!ciao
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there's nothing quite like a ball park hot dog! and i just couldn't resist showin' a little ball park pussy when i got the chance!
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It's hard to come up with something better than a soak in the the jacuzzi with a beautiful girl, touching her tender and moist skin, breasts, pussy
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At The Holiday Inn - Ashu is shy but she is sure to agree to make more contributions if she hears some good comments on how beautiful her bod is and how the guys out there enjoyed her pics.
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Hi Kate!!! This is a little contribution to your fantastic site. On the plage i meet my wife ......and other. It was summer, a incredible summer some years ago. Please no write my E-mail.
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Here are 3 pics from Venice Sand, 1 upskirt and 2 of a girl who had just gotten a "temporary" tattoo. She walked around with her shorts down just to let it dry. Let me know if you want more.
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me and my girlfriend spent spring break in a tropical resort. The weather was perfect at night so we decided to have a little fun on the balcony. Enjoy!
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Hey! Here is Mary after a nice doggystyle! Do you want to cum over her pic and send me a avi or pics of that? I will send you more pics! [email protected]
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Thanks for all the great comments on our last contribution. We liked it very well. So there is the next small set of pictures, EQ before and while bathing. Hope you enjoy and let us hear what you feel.
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Croatia 2 In celebration of England's fine win at Euro 2004 here are 2 photos of my wife taken at a naturist camp in Croatia and 4 taken at home in England. Caution BB