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Never let it be said that Jeannie was not ready to show it to all. But doing it late at night in a dark parking lot was exciting. We later fucking on top of a hot car hood. wouldn't you??
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Sexycri: Reading In The Park - Part 2 - Ciao, I was reading a book in the park near the seaside, and a nice guy, smiling asked me: ?EXCUSE ME, AREN?T YOU SEXYCRI??.
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These are just a few of the pics that my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to share. She was bored and decided to be a little creative. If the comments are nice we will post more soon!
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Hey gang, what's up? Just wanted to show everyone one of my newest videos! I have alot of other http://sexy.redclouds.com/chrissyssexpalace/and I would love to hear from you, so check it out! Thanks,
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While we were taking some pics on the plage Bri was splashed by a wave. We had a lot of fun taking these wet t-shirt pics. At the end not only the t-shirt was wet ;)
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Autumn is settling in here, so we were just looking back on the summer. Sorry not much nudity here, but she was giving a bit of a show. Thanks !
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Hot Milf In Candy Necklace - Bought one of these for us and one for friends while we were on vacation. great for a sweet tooth!
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Here we go for the sixth contri! This time it's from a diferent session, but I hope you'll like it. It' simple, but fair. Please tell me what you think...
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More of my super hot wet wife over 50. Thanks for all the nice comments. We both love reading them and then having fun acting out fantasys. open to suggestions.
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Hot Wife & Mom - Hey folks, here is my wifes first contribution shes a little nervous about this but dont you all think shes great. Perhaps more to follow
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I was hoping to get these submitted in time for the contest, but I guess I'm late. Oh, well I will try for the new one, wearing my boyfriends clothes! xoxo Your Princess
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cum shots nudismI've been searching for cool places to take pics and this is one that i found. This time thought we would add a little oil to shine things up. It was a lot of fun as usual. I hope you enjoy.