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Please post in the Private Shots section. This is our first contri. We are big fans of your site. Just having fun on a lazy afternoon. Please do not post email address. THANKS!
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Amsterdam Naughty Blinddate... - I went on a Blinddate after chatting with her...on the same night...Let us know what you think of her,GIRLS!She wants to meet some nice girls for a date in Amsterdam!
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Here is the two of us having fun in California. We have lots of pics for you trading couples that respond on the bulletin board with nice comments. Take care, thanks so much for the great site!
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I find a nice place in my last vacation to a sudamerican country and decide to take some pictures to share with my friend. What do you think?
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No real story. I just like how sexy I feel in my little tartan skirt and my big white panties. But I feel even sexier when I am out of them
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cunts wet beach I thought I would send in a little contri of me playing with myself on the sofa. As you'll see it was quite the orgasm I had *wink* Hope you enjoy the photos!
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Just thought that we'd do a new photo session. All my other contri's have been older photo sessions. We do hope you all enjoy them!
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This girl came from St.Petersburg just herself and spent few days on the beach.It took me lot`s of patience to achieve the last two shots but I hope you will enjoy the result
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Pictures I take for my husband while he is away. Do you think you know me? If so please let me know and also love comments. Hint mom of three
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these are the pictures the wife picked out to share from the other night. remember to vote and good comments might bring a repeat appearnce.
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Pa. Wife was feeling hot on a September night. I dressed her in something breezy. I took her to some clubs and we made some new friends. We had a blast.
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Feeling frisky in the fall. I'd love to hear your comments. I'm looking for a hot California guy with a HUGE cock to play with while my husband watches.