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No story, just posting to see what comments we get could be more to come if get postive comments. Would love to hear what other people think of her body
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NYE Fun. It was cold outside but nice and hot by the fire. If you like what you see leave some comments and there will be more!
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My 24 year old wife gave me a nice little stripping show on the hood of my car out in the woods for our anniversary. Little does she know, the show wasn't just for me. Hope she doesn't find out...
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She asked me to take some photos to contribute. Vote for her or drop a note to tell her what you would like to see. We will be taking some more photos to post. Got to go, shower time :)
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We love the comments, and we love the votes...so, let 'er rip with the constructive criticism boys (and, possibly girls...ooooh)
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So, on our first trip to Key West, I thought some flashing would be in order. I'm wearing my black Knickerless Dress from Wicked Weasel exactly as it was designed... hope you enjoy!!
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family beach photos nudism Just getting it all warmed and lubed before more of the fun begins. If you like it let us no we have more. She's a bit shy so the more positive comments the better.
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Lunch fuck was amazing Monday..Just look...but then I'm feeling lonely already.. All I can do is chat w all of u and get wet enough to grab my camera.. so I did..
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My little toy wanted to go outside for a play. I was fiddling with google maps and found a great spot for some nice outdoor playing. Hope you enjoy.. Great comments will make her wanna do more.. :)
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altre immagini da un piccolo scoglio dell' egeo...un saluto a tutti i nudisti ed un grazie a chi mi ha voluto inviare le sue foto con gli schizzi....
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Fun With Photos - I was getting showered before a photo session, and decided to have a few shots taken. I decided to let you see a few of the session shots too.
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Long overdue afternoon romp with a fun friend. To celebrate our rendezvous he brought me a new toy and even surprised me with a pearl necklace!