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Happy New Year!!! Found some more pics for you. My wife, while a fairly confident person, still can't believe that you find her so sexy. So thanks.
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This is Aussie K, she is a smokin hot wife and mum and is very keen to hear what you think of her and more importantly what you would like to do to her!
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Thank you all for the wonderful cumments! I really enjoyed reading all of them. Here's a little fun hubby and I had after a night out. Enjoy!!!
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One of our biking trips and the wife decided to treat me to some pictures. A man walked past with his dog and enjoyed the full naked frontal of my wife.
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family nudism clips One night we decided to try out the self timer on our digital camera. We sure had fun learning how to use it and plan to use it more often.
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family nudism clips These are for those that liked my first set of preggo pics. If you don't like seeing pregnant women naked then why did you click the link?
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These pictures are for Natural 1, and for those Redclouds Regulars that wanted to see me peeing. Please let me know if you like them x
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family nudism clips hi I send you some pics we took last easter in spain,she is dakel (31)and very shy I hope you like them. please don't show my mail, thanks
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family nudism clipsCollege Couple: Summer Fucking - It has been a great summer so far for us, hope it has for all of you too. We are a 20 yr/o college couple she is very Bi and we would love to have another girl join us.
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Sweety just loves being naked and showing all her naked body for all to enjoy .Winter is almost over soooo outdoor naked time is here soon . Any ideas for my naked sweety to do for you . let her know
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It was a beautiful day to wash the truck. I got a little wet though, so I started taking off my clothes. Had to watch for the cars driving by cause I didn't want to be the talk of the neighborhood. LOL
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Kandie say's," thanks for all the great things you have said about me." You keep posting all those great comments and Photoman will keep posting new Photo's.