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This is really old stuff I found on a film, more than sixteen years old. Maybe, the funny body painting was a kind of Modern Art ;-)
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Wife surprised me with these pics....Bear with us...first time submitting, not sure about file sizes, clarity, etc. Will submit more if feedback is positive.
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M* Adrien: Naked In My Garden In Brussels A daring situation. That morning, a frisky one of June, I went to my garden in Brussels. Totally naked.
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The rest of the story...I was only stopping for a few minutes - guess that all changed! Have a great weekend and thanks for the comments and votes! RC's is AWESOME!
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Here I am in the kitchen getting a little naughty. Thanks for all the great comments on the last contri. We've been having a great time, and I'm always looking forward to taking more pics for you.
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Well she said she would never pose naked, and never something like bondage. But we saw the contest for submission style photos and a little sweet talking and here we go.
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fat nudism The greek mom Sherri on 40's. She feels so horny... Vote and comment pls. Sas efxaristw gia ta sxolia kai tis pshfous sta prohgoumena contri. Oso pio dirty toso pio... poly ygrasia! Synexiste boys!
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fat nudism I am all wet when you look at me. Nude!I love to be kissed, very soft in each inch of my body. This contribution is for you! Dear
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Hey everybody, this is our first contribution; the kitchen table makes for a fabulous location. There might be more to come...
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fat nudismAnd this is the last, for now! I'll have more shot probably after holidays, and then maybe I'll have something for Redclouds, with my boyfriend. I'll let you know...
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After our first contribution, we decided to make a second post. This time we enjoyed taking the photo much more thinking the feedback we may receive this time.
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fat nudismCigar for the Ladies and the best thing is you don't have to be a smoker to enjoy. You can - 1) View it 2) Suck it 3) Insert It 4) Lick it but most of all - You can Fuck It and Enjoy it.