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After a nice evening of relaxatio & alcohol, my wife allowed me to shoot a few fun shots. If we get enough feedback, there could be more.
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another NAP 2007 sweetie from the must see place in the great USA.the sun was out the day was HOT and the view was great,more to come
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This is the shoot from the Dam and in the river. When we got there we had 2 wait for a bunch of people to leave and at the end of the pictures a little old lady came by walking her dog..
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Part III from my wife and me ! Thx for the nice comments, so more to come ! Vote for my Lady, so she will take some more pix !
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Weather is supposed to be crappy for the next while, so I took these while I had the chance. Love reading all the sexy comments.
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Hi - love the site and wanted to contribute some piccies. We may trade - pleas leave your email if interested. Please don't publish our address.
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*ML Wet Wet and All Holes Exposed OK there are ladies in the living room and whores in the bedroom the best is the one who can be both....We did it everyway possible.....Paying attention? Vote Super
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*Ca Franzi In The Car 1 In Red - She is a very beautiful woman and I love it to see her in lingerie's! Enjoy these first pics and vote for her and for more pics!!!
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Hi Kate, I thought you and your viewers might like these photos of my wife in on a private strand in Cuba. Hopefully many more to cum.
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Thanks, amoeba Ian, for your assistance. Nothing like finding someone local to point out the next locations. Hope you got an eyeful or two.
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group sand at sex theWilling to tease and please, the wife in uniform and out of it for mine and your pleasure. Good comments will mean more pics, please be nice!
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I have decided to post again --- I have such a good response - makes ME Horny!!!! I will post a few mild ones and then get more into it - with good response --:)