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C'mon girls! I've pulled this puny pecker out many times and been mocked. You can do better. The guys ride the girls on this site hard. Step up!!!
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Katy's Second Time Thanks for your lovely comments, here are some more pics of me taken last weekend - we hope you like these as much as the first.  
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How do you like me now? As I think the song goes. I am ready to pop boys and girls.. Wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I can't wait to open my presents!:)
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A sincere thank you to all for your support, for your votes and for your very warm feedbacks! Look at my new photos. I love all of you!!! Your Veronik!!!
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homemade nudism video I hope you enjoy some in the house shots. Please be kind to this old Grandma. If you think I'm too old to publish We will stop. But if most of you want to see more we will take more.
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Fantastic Four Play - Went on a weekend getaway and met another great couple. Things progressed and the four of us spent all night pleasuring each other. Life is good!!!
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homemade nudism video She was just laying there after I ate her out. Figured its finally time to show this pussy of to Red Clouds... Enjoy... I know I did..
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Leg Lady is an old friend who was very proud of her legs and wanted me to take some pictures that did justice to her lovely legs. She is a wonderful woman.
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Was just feeling a little frisky one day so I took these shots for my husband. Hope you all "appreciate" them as much as he did ; )
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New Lover - A new lover I met. She is stunning and after a 15 year painfully dull marriage, wants to experience everything. Looks like I'm the lucky person to help out.
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Hello, I tried to fit a striptease in 10 pics but i can tell you that it was no easy task. So this is what i could manage. Hope you enjoy them............
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I was drinking with my best man, when my wife did the washing in a thong in front of us. 10 minutes later he told me to have a look inside and there she was bedroom door wide open getting herself off.