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On Friday, Mrs. Play and I played hooky from work to have a fun day in the sun. Hope you enjoy our contribution. She loves to read your comments and tries to answer your emails.
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Jeni looked so fine when she got home from the store, I couldn't stand the thought of having to wait until she was inside to get her clothes off- as you can see she couldn't wait either.
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By popular demand, Alana opens up for you. First 8 are from a year ago, last two showed my new shaved look. What do you prefer?
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Not much to say, just had some fun early this morning, before the Texas heat kicked in...then went for a lunch time dip in our neighbors pool.
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Never seen before. 100% true amateur. Completely shy and all natural. If she knew she would kill me. Pics even taken with shitty camera so take it easy on the criticism, it's a first for both of us.
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So.........enjoy.........and let me know....I was delighted by your comments...and sorry for those I did not answer...send me more !
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Boat Heaven begins about this time each year with the most beautiful creature on earth. Something about the sun and her man that drives her crazy. She makes my life passionate heaven.
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hunters beach nude Hello friends, Krista here with a new contri. Hubby and I took these in February of 2012. We just had to pull out the camera. We hope you enjoy, Kris.
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Part 2: After getting mostly nice comments (why do people come on here and be nasty?) she decided to let me use the rest of them! Enjoy!
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Afternoon Fun Time This hot lady stopped by for a little fun one afternoon afetr a chance meeting the day before. She was outstanding. More to follow if response is good!
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hunters playa nudeHere is the explicit pix to what I sent in for VW. I hope you will all enjoy this blow job I gave my hubby over the holidays :-)
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Hello everyone, these pictures were taken along the Trinity River in Chambers County, Texas about a week ago. I hope you enjoy these I will post more soon. Bye.