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In a hotel on a weekend holiday I've got drunk from IrishCoffee and white wine. We had a lot of fun, but as usual when i get drunk i fell a sleep... very deeeeeeep.
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Based on the comments of her last post, my wife decided to let me post some more photos. This time, we have another little friendly wager riding on her contribution. If I win, I get to post a set to RC!
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Hey, here are some more photo's I made during Bikeweek awhile ago. As I said before, they're all winners to me. Do what you will about bluring, but I don't feel it's needed. See ya.
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After some homework (clothed as you can see) I went downstairs into the kitchen to prepare the meal. Suddenly the bell was ringing and my sister asked me for some salt...
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Hello to all, and happy new year,looking for a lady that likes fun in the south.now what patrt of the south? i will let u know on the BB, have more pics to come. some of u know me i will reply.
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Kansas wife, age 47, giving husband shots to look at for valentine's day. I want to see if my photography is interesting enough for others to view. Hope every one likes.
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Here are some of my wife Lisa. She has posted in econtris and at voyeurweb before. She is 36 and has 40D breasts. Her fantasy is to have 5 guys at once. Enjoy !
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here are some pics of my ass . had a lot of fun taking them . i took it up the ass realy hard that day those pics soon to cummmmm.
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Mi sembra che ci stiano prendendo gusto: ma insomma, Tina, il regalo era per me o per te? Così mi sento un po' esclusoŠ..( vedi al prossimo contri) Please don't show my email
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O, and that is a cut on my dick, she likes to play with her clit while i fuck her, and i popped out and her nails are kinda sharp..... i drove on... ;)
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Just saw this site and thought I would put some home pics of my ex wifes boobs on for you... hope they are not too disappointing... they gave me some great times...
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Baby Doll's on White nothing like a hot summer evening to bring out the best in Baby Doll...Best nipples on the VW....no doubt? Enjoy!