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Me and my wife we went to Cantina di Lentate. It is a club between Milan and Como, (where George Clooney lives). In this club everything coul happen...... Sorry, my english is awful......
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This is another set of my photos for you, now I'm dressed in blue, I would like to receive written comments on the page for me and I ask you give away your vote.
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Nothing But Blue........ - Hello everyone, here is my latest shoot. Hope you all enjoy!!! if you vote i may just share the other half of the shoot (it includes my girlfriend...) love montana xoxo
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Wife and I took a walk in the woods to take some pics. Some guys on 4 wheelers kept going by.. After a while she ignored them and gave them a free show.
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Here are a few pix of me flashing around Calgary Alberta. We had a blast that day. Went to Spruce Meadows then headed downtown ;o) thanks
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An evening after going out I noticed the lighting was casing such perfect shadows on the wall... I decided to have fun with it. Enjoy!
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nude asian beach Two weeks ago he has his 21° birthdayparty, as present he has a new camera . The neighbourboy was visiting me with his new cam today . I let him take some sexy shots of me.
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My husband presented me a new camera for our anniversary! I am very happy because this is a new way to our sexual experimentation.
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Here's a pretty naked spectator at this year's nudes a poppin. She was having a great time and seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting.
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it can be kinda hard taking pics of yourself. Not sure what I think of this shot, but I'll let you decide what you think. Would def be better with cum on my titties...
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As Spring comes these may remind you of rose buds, the soft petals of a flower blooming, the luscious texture and taste of fresh oysters, the warm feel of spring rain on your skin, the taste of...
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Haley took these herself, one afternoon. She likes to surprise me with a solo session every once in a while. How great is that?