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Lucky enough to know this young lady and snap a few photos too. Just a few pics that we have taken along the way. Any Bi ladies in Central Florida drop us a line
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My Partner I had put my name and Sheila's name (my partner) on the descriptions and named the shots Perfect and Perfect2 Thanks
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Second Time - Various Pics - Thank's for the nice comments from First Contri! I decided to do another one! Hope you enjoy as much!
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Went out of town without the kids for our anniversary. Thoughtwe would take some pictures for once Hopefully we can get some more. Any tips on how to take better pictures would be appreciated.
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I was out for a hike and thought what a perfect time to do some Selfies. Thank you once again for all the encouraging comments from previous submissions. Enjoy!!!!
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Thanks to all of you who commented on the last posting on 26 March, really did appreciate them, all of you who give an email address will be replied to personally.
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Some Pics Of The Wife - havent had time to take any pics for a couple of months we got a little time last weekend and here they are
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Suprise Her she wanted to do this last week so now i thought i woul suprise her and show her tonight so she can read the comments and get her in the mood for more pics
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naked black beachThis is her first time in appearing on VW. Please enjoy the pictures. Depending on comments when next ones will be available for VW viewing.
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Some more shots for the ladies (I know there are a few since they have previously responded). Thanks for a great site Kate, and for posting my pics.
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Le Bikini 1/2 - apr?s la petite ?coli?re, imaginez-vous au bord de la mer, sous le soleil, avec moi en train de poser ? c?t? de vous... je vous laisse regarder et ? vous de juger. ? bient?t ;)
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naked black beachShe had picked up some lingerie for Valentines Day and wanted to take some pics. She loves it when I take out the camera. Please leave positive comments.