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Really love all the great comments from my first post. Love to hear from men and women. Let me know if you like I'll send some more.
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Hot Holidays - Just wanna wish everyone a happy holiday. if you give me nice comments, i have plenty more to give you in '06 ; )
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Das ist meine Frau, 45. Wir sind aus Deutschland. Hier waren wir im Urlaub wo sie am Strand obenohne macht. Freuen uns uber Kommentare und Kontakte
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Here I am at a rented cabin. I love to get naked outside. The neighbors from the other cabins often check me out. The perverts!
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Candy got sprayed with sunscreen (?) or something at Nudes a Poppin July 2012. This year I used a Nikon D7000, which seems to have excellent image quality.
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We've had really great responses from our post at VW, Kayology One. Thanks everyone. We had a lot of request for pussy shots . Hope these satisfy. Thanks to everyone at this site.
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I bought this dress in Key West during my last trip down there a couple of weeks ago. My friend thinks it fits me well....thoughts?!?
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Ohio Girl - We are a young couple from central Columbus. I love her ass, what do you think. If like our pics please vote. Enjoy!
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For those who appreciate what i hope you will agree is a well looked after matue lady now 60+. These were taken in the summer in Mallorca going through the woods to a remote playa. Hope you enjoy.
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After a night on the town and several drinks, the wife got a little horned up and needed some action. Only one problem, Aunt Flo was in town so I did the next best thing, took the ass!
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just thought id send some pics in of my bi wife we tried to send some before but they were to hot i hope these are ok we would love to hear from ladies as well as men
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naked seductive strip tease totalMore from the archive.Mid. 90s. She was teasing so many of the guys with her cleavage at the party. She wanted to show me more than just cleavage after we got home.Now i show you.