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Sometimes a girl needs something other than her boyfriend to get her off. I mean, guys are great and all, but they just can't vibrate the way this little pink thing does!
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This is my baby's beautiful round ass. She is really tiny, but her ass is so beautiful. I love playing with this special flesh. All comments are welcome
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We take quite a few pictures, hope you like these.... And for those of you that have sent requests for certain pictures on our other contri's, stay tuned, your requests will be answered!
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I have a marvelous and sexy wife. Sha is always a stunning model, but is very shy and do not want to go public with her face unhidden.
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Not much to tell, just goofing around. It's been awhile and it was time for some new photos. I had fun with these and hope you do too.
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This lady was sun bathing in a rocky cove 50 yards from a clothed strand. I accidently found her and caught a shot or two over a couple of days.
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My 2nd post from Fantasy Fest. There was a little bit of everything there. I took pictures of what I found appealing or interesting. I had a ball and will return next year. Hope you all enjoy.
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Most of these are from a time 5 or 6 years ago when there were very frequent themes for pro-pics. It encouraged frequent pic changes.
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There is really is no story. It's been so long sense we have posted and pictures. Foxxx was in the mood for a photo shoot and and wanted to post in RC. Enjoy!
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I have been dating this married Chinese girl for some time. She takes pride in her body, and while initially did not want any pictures taken, once camera came out - she lost all inhibitions!
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After a hard day working at our bowling alley, it's nice to relax with a fine German red, don't you think? The best part is you don't have to throw away the bottle!
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Hi Kate, gang and peoplein the world.Your site its very good. This is pics my wife Vicki for the NIP section. Please with title "VICKI IN THE CAFE". Sorry, for bad english, thanks.