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All your flattering comments to my earlier Freestyle contri have encouraged me to make my first Private contri.Hope you like the mix of pics and thanks again for your comments.
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just relaxing and enjoying the view of the wife. thanks to all who left the very nice comments on our last post. hope you enjoy this one as well westernwife and hubby
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Hi RC'ers, It's been a long time, but I'm back and I'm armed for business! Get ready, I'm gonna be around for a while and you might need a flak jacket!
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I really enjoyed all the great comments to my first movie. I'm working on a new one that I'll send in later this month but until then I hope you'll enjoy this dance.
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It's amazing how I spend hours shows off for myself in the mirror and watching the modeling tv shows, but when my boyfriend takes photos of me, i freeze up! I guess it's all practice?
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Thank you very much for your kind comments. Here's a few new ones of me. A couple of them for Tru Blu. I am off to get some new lingerie and stockings for my next contri.
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Wet Wet Dopo molto tempo torniamo con un nuovo contributo, a cui ne seguiranno a breve altri (se i commenti non saranno negativi). Ciao a tutti e votateci (soprattutto gli italiani). Grazie
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We contributed a while ago with some nice feedback. My wife is still not overly comfortable with naked photography but I'm hoping she'll open up based on the reviews from this set.
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Just some good ol pussy pics of the nice juicy meaty pussy. Didnt post any comments because the pictures speak for themselves...
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It was a boring afternoon here so I made some pictures... Couples et femmes bienvenues pour proposition coquines dans les environs de Bruxelles...
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First time, first try. She is 46 years old and a little bit shy. Please blurr her face and don't show our email-adress. Every - except rude - comments welcome.
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Hi all VW crew and All the CBB'rs. Here is the last of the three part series. It started getting really windy as we were finishing up the shoot. Thanks for all the sweet comments.