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Love how those boobs feel and she knows it! Rubs them on me almost the whole time we enjoy one another... These arent great pics but I just had to share her with you again from what I had.
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Shortly we would like to take a couple of pictures together with a few other people. If somebody is interested in participating in this photo shoot, leave us a nice comment. We will contact you.
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just took aload of photos for my boyfriend who lives away for the last half year and thought what the hey, i could do with more fun in life and would love to see or hearpeoples reactions!
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She/we love to play in the car. She gets really wet when we pull up slow to truckers while she's naked and getting her clit rubbed. We have great sex while talking about her being watched.
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Some more hardcore photos of my dear masturbating with a dildo on her knees... I love these pics... they always turn me on :) Visit our website to see everything.
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Thx for all your great support & love! After so many requests for a hot new vid - here it is :) And don't forget - just be happy happy happy ;)
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Ruthie Looking For Wood In Park - went to the park the other day. ruthie went out looking for fire wood. she didnt find any.but had fun anyway
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Some of you complained that other girls in "Private Shots" show more pussy and I should do it also.... OK, why not? .... Look at these photos and ... enjoy!
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This time no plage pics. I recently visited an erotic fair where they bodypainted lovely girls. But don' worry I am not running out of sand nudies. Have fun! Superzoom
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We were out for the weekend and took these alongside a busy road. Had to relocate several times as cars were slowing down to have a look. It is my wifes first contri so be gentle.
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nudism masturbation andThanks for you great comments, please keep it up! I promise more creativity as time goes on. It's almost Playa season. Just wait. God Bless America
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Just a few recent pics of my hot wife. About 3 a.m. a few weeks ago. Just back from a night of going to a jazz concert and dancing afterwards.