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Sarah and me had a lot of fun doing these pics. It tooked a while to convince here.But finaly she liked it too. Hope you like these.
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There were other houses around...but noone outside. At the end of the half-hour I did see people in a few of the windows watching us. I like that!
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Long time viewer, first time contributor. Hillbilly that recently turned to nudity. Comment if you wish good or bad doesn't matter. I'm enjoying this.
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This is the last of the boat pics we took in Murrells Inlet. Thanks for the great comments, Hope you all enjoy, and if you don't, Oh well click on the next gal.
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I really hope you guys enjoy these! I really want the wife to post again on her own! It was so much fun when she posted a few pics a day!
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Thanks for the stimulation ladies, easy to stay erect looking at all the great contributions. Always enjoy the comments, especially from ladies in Texas. Anyone near Austin?
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Here's the second series in the set. She climbs aboard for a little ride.....part 3 features her facing the camera......... let us know what you think.....
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Estas fotos foram tiradas em duas ocasioes distintas com duas gatas distintas. O rabo sexy foi numa reuniao de negocios e as mamas num passeio de fim de semana para o interior da ilha.
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Hi, here is our first posting. I can't say that I'm not somewhat apprehensive...but, there is an exhibitionist in me that needs to come out! Hope you enjoy as much as we did...during and after ;)
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Had to re-submit this one...straight up the stairs this time and not sideways. After a great lunch, she asked me to follow her upstairs for dessert. Who wouldn't follow that amazing ass?
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At the border of a residential area we saw a little house desolated and uninhabited, but almost nice and with a balcony in front of the highway.
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Hey guys I havent send any new pictures for sometime but i just got back from holidays and i want to share with you some new ones... I hope that you like them.