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This guy had a huge smile on his face. Although we gave a good tip, he had more than enough tip with the view in front of him......
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I really cannot thank you all enough for all the great comments i have been receiving on my previous contris....they are really appreciated.
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Hi There! For my first contri to Private Shots, I thought id dress for the season, those of you that would like to see me unwrapped, i've sent some pics to RedCloud.....Kisses x
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OK stocking Fetish Guys & Girls ... I wanted to take some simple pictures for VW only but I couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy these pictures.
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nudist caught I'm luck enough to have access to a studio, some professional lights, and an attractive friend who isn't at all shy... as you can see.
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After a very busy week unusually we hadn't seen a lot of each other so after a quick scan through the last lot of comments and uploading some more pictures things just came to a head!
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Hey Everyone! Love the site and I've been a memeber for a couple of years now...I thought I would submit some pics myself...anyone wanting to trade just leave a message...
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We've looked at Redclouds together for years, but this is our first try at submitting photos. Still getting the hang of using the camera during sex, but if comments are nice there will be more to come.
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During out 22 Anniversary, I decided that she needed to have some fun. Over the course of the day she had 2 guys. Here is the result
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naturist caughtI had to press my wife hard for this and she agreed ultimately. Isn't she beautiful. This is our first submission. We invite comments from all at ou email
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Hi it's me shelly again I am so excited you guys and gals are awesome and know how to make me feel great. Thank you so much shelly
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Hello there, Here are some pictures of my wife aged 32 and mother of 2. I hope there good enough qaulity. Any comments and email welcomed.