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This is my wife's first contri. We're anxious to hear your comments and more pics are sure to follow. As you can see, she got really hot from taking the pictures and some play along the way.
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What's a guy suppose to do with all this black meat hanging between his legs, but let it all hang out. Ladies of the Los Angeles area, don't you agree with me?
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She loves working in the yard. I dared her to take her jeans off before she went out. She took me up on it and I hope the neighbors got the show
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A few snaps on the playa, while on holiday recently. Had to be quick though, although it was a naturist sand we didn't have to oursleves for long....
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This is the first time we have ever submitted photos. These are pictures of my girlfriend. I borrowed a digital camera from a friend and it turned out to be a unforgetable night....
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Tribute to my WIFE that this canyon and occasionally, just occasionally puts me at 100. For your enjoyment and yours. Good summer and cane to the ladies, who are now old arrugaos as raisins .
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The clocked ticked 1:00 and i locked my clothes in the box at the other end of the clearing. My clothes, my keys and my cell, i traded everything for a plain white tee shirt and a small piece of chain.
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Thanks for all the comments on the last contri. I'm guessing everyone will either love this contri or hate it :) We wanted to have some fun with the sticky milk while she still has it.
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Thought it was time to show some more shots of me. The great comments(even the silly one's) make it a lot of funn to me. Hope your vote will give me high rankings this time.
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PS: The final part I followed her to the showers where she put on a final show! I love these playa exhibitionist! More to cum!