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Had some great comments to our last posting decided to post some more pic we did in the foothills. Would like to hear more comments.Thanks
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Hello everyone, as I had mentioned in part 1 in Private shots I am truly grateful for those of you that left me with positive comments on my last submission. Thank you!!
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Hubby and I went on vacation to escape the cold weather. I packed my favorite bikinis and I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Love, Mai L.
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Hellooo... First I would like to say many thanks to all the visitors that let so nice comments last month on my first contribution, and for all you votes! I'm so glad you liked me... :-)
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hi all redclouders, I'm looking for a girl who's helping me with this stiffy, let's hear comments Vanessa(Italy): I love you!! Tom
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naturist pics son and pics momLady Plasticos 3rd Time On Vw Hey everybody!! thanks for all the votes in our last contri. We love your comments. Now we have some new photos for you... Hope you like!
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naturist pics son and pics momthis is our first contribution, weve been members for a few months. after looking every day we decided to contribute. we would like to hear from you, but please dont post our address.thanks