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Hi Kate. Congrats. You manage kind of electronic viagra! Take small contri from distant voyeur. Ex GF was 19 yo. If good comments on B.B., more to come. Regards :-)
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My birthday present this year was for the wife to let me snap some photos of her in public. Enjoy. Please if you recognize her be very discreet. Good comments may lead to more postings.
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Wife stripping off after a swim, taken 5 years ago - her boobs are getting better (and bigger) with age if you compare them to latest photos
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nudist sex pics I'd been pillow-humping for about an hour and I decided to roll over and tease myself to an intense orgasm without using my hands... and that's exactly what happened.
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I really enjoy taking pictures of my BF. He's very photogenic. Somehow he snuck the one in there of me. Oh well. Some of these pics were on vacation and some in a local bar.
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We often post of RC BB. Here are a series of shots we hope you enjoy. Love the comments (yes, even the nasty ones; we can take it).
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Just thought I would send in some Pics of me in the kitchen. Most are of me in my favorite thongs. Two are of me in my favorite clothing... nothing.
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Just doing alil' spring cleaning, I've been a long time and what like to see what you think of me for a change. Good comments and I'll do more!! Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Do not show e-mail
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After a wonderful evening out Baby Doll danced in her Tartan and everything led to the best. She is first class and Superb! Enjoy and vote! Yum Yum...
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She loves working in the yard. I dared her to take her jeans off before she went out. She took me up on it and I hope the neighbors got the show
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This is our second contribution. My wife is pregnant and still loves to suck me off. She doesn't think she looks good now, but I think she looks great. Some good comments will encourage more shots.