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We got a new digi cam and a new GPS for X-mas. Geo Caching is fun, but we kicked it up a knotch and did some Geo Flashing. So get out your GPS receivers and find our location!
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Hi, I am a mature lady who likes to swing,love the guys and the girls, hope you like the photographs. Let me know any positions that will turn you on
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This is my first contribution ever on any site. I hope it's ok. It took a lot of coxing from my bf to do this but if votes and comments are good, maybe I can post more...
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Second time around. Hopefully, the photography has improved. My wife is a true gem, I hope you enjoy as much as I do and did after the photoshoot. Good comment = more pictures.
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Sitting at my desk thinking about having my girlfriend suck my boobs while my boyfriend watches. See how aroused it made me? Please vote and comment!
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nudist youngest picture Fea and myself just arrive from our vacation at some plage at the Caribe. Here some pics of her wet and delicius pussy, some comments for her?
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These shots have been taken at friends houses, or in the woods on hiking trails where there have been occasional onlookers. If there is a particular pose you would like, just add it to your comments!
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we're a german couple of 50 and 52. Tina is still hot. She's expecting your comments and perhaps we'll be ready to share our pics with other couples
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Well here I am. I hope you like it. Please vote for me and leave me a message on the board. I'm not Bi-sexual but I do love sexxx. Leave me suggestions too!!! Hi Sailor!! Happy Lookin!!
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i want to thank everyone who raves about my pix. im glad to see that im doing something that people think is hot. here are a few still from a movie i made recently. i had fun.
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naturist youngest pictureSo this is a little mix of some of my favorite moments. It might be too long for some of you boys. If not, Be careful you don't Blister.
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Finally I got Catalina convinced to wear her mini skirt in public with no panties. Flashing (and showing her face) is still for my eyes only, but I'm working on that part :-) She is a little shy :-(