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Ozzfest Flashing - I shot these pics at Ozzfest in so-cal. The day was hot and the girls were glad to free themselves of their tops. My whole collection is on my FRC site. Enjoy!
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heres a continuation of the prior contri with a few extra pics thrown in...Please leave some comments for me... love to get some feedback
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Thanks to everyone for being so nice on my first post! Some of your comments were quite a turn on. I'm sharing more and hope that you enjoy these as well.
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Kate, Attached is the result of visiting your web site! Please publish in Red Clouds. Hide my e-mail address.. if you hide my e-mail can I still recieve coments??
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Pics of a day strolling with my gf Ly at a garden/botanical research center called "Jardim Botanico" here in Rio de Janeiro... Enjoy and keep posting your comments... Iluminado
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