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My girlfriend and I decided to get a little freaky in the hot tub in my apartment complex. Any neighbor could have walked by and see.
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Just having another good time. Some have commented about no wedding ring, doesn't usually wear jewelry when we are hanging around the house. Thanks for all of your comments.
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hello boys, this is my second contribution on VW, i thank al the people for the good comments. nieuwe lingerie voor leentje, second contribution from leentje greatings
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Ck would like to know if anyone can guess her age. Theses where taken on her Birthday!! She's not sure how hot she is after three kids. Vote superb and we will send more maybe to RC
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Voila quelque temps que nous venons d'habiter notre maison neuve, et celle-ci manque encore un peu de decor y faire de nouvelles photos de moi. Mais tres bientot on va essayer.
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hi im usually on redclouds (love cock and pussy) but being that all i wear is just jeans and no top all the time with all my male friends i thought this contest was fun. thanks to all love
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Thank you very much for this opportunity really I need it., serious slightly wonderful that my contribution is selected and that may be could gain win something.
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Just some shots that I wanted to share with you. I went on vacation recently and I will be posting those picture in the near future. Hope you like these ones. Love, Mai L.