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Nap 2006: Light And Dark Contestants - A few random shots of two contestants at Nudes a Poppin July 2006. Light and dark, but hot. Used a Canon 30D, with a 17-55mm Lens. Lens has an Image Stablizer.
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Like I said. My girlfriend's a babe and you all get to see what I we love to do with each other. Whatta country! (insert your favorite country here
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Here are some pictures that my boyfriend took of me. Hope they're not too wild for VW. We got so turned on taking these, we had some amazing sex afterwards!
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Happy Birthday, Honey! I wanted to submit these - our first contribution - in honor of my husband's birthday - Happy Birthday, Honey! It's so exciting that after 23 years, you still find me sexy
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Just a rainy sunday at home... A nice way to spend time ;-). Last time comments were really nice to me, I decided to show you my secret garden...
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Hi all, some pics of one night before to go out, I felt a little horni, enjoy and let me know if you want to see some more here or in RC...Kisses.
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I have a camera that I am going to sell in a garage sale so I thought I would delete the old memory cards. I found these from Hawaii years ago. Neighboring hotel balcony.
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Just trying this out for the first time. Ms RP came up with the idea of doing a solo wet tshirt in the shower. So we grabbed the camera and this is what happened. Hope you like!
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on the naughty strand couplesThis is a collection of pictures I've taken of myself over the past two years in my various plaid skirt uniforms. I hope you like seeing me in my uniform as much as I like wearing it! Enjoy!
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In Part 1 of Hot & Cold, we showed you some scenes from a tropical trip. With snow continuing to fall across the US, however, now it's time to come back to reality--a very nice reality.
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Wife wanted to get naked for me. Who am I to say no! Mature, sexy gal so if you seek the young hardbodies, you better look elsewhere.
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It took a lot of time to convince my darling wife natasha to pose for the camera. please let us know what you think as your comments will pursuade her to pose for more Dillan