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My hubby really likes this sexy outfit on me, I really hope you all like the way my boobs show off through it also! cya next time xoxoxo
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Sandy On The Couch - I met Sandy in the uni cafateria. She's very cute and we fucked several times. Here she is laying on the couch horny and showing her boobs.
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We did a little photo shoot after a New Year's Party. It turned out pretty hot. We may have to show this is a few parts, depending on the response.
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Took a few days off, went to the cabin, and decided to relive some honeymoon memories 22 years later. Part 2 to follow shortly.
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Hi, We are first time contributors. Here goes: Wendy's lovely bottom for all to enjoy. Interested in trading with other couples, and hope to send more soon. Kind Regards. Wendy and Roger
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This is my honey's first time contribution. She loves to pose naked in the house only. Perhaps I can get her some sexy lingerie next time.
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These were taken during a visit to an old Civil War fort. JBunny is in her late 50's. If you can, leave a comment, provided it's a nice one of course, as JBunny does enjoy reading them.
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After a week of hard work, I decided to have my own spa. The photographer simply couldn?t resist taking a few pics. Enjoy, vote and comment! Love, Model
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Hello everyone! I was feeling a little frisky the other night, so we decided to take some pics, and see how they look in black and white. Hope you like.
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A female friend of mine. Hey,I know she's a little overweight, BUT, she was nice enough to pose for us. Taken with the new Canon G5 Digital Camera. Location: Royal Oak, MI.
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For those who asked... don't say I don't deliver! :) - I'm looking for extra help to fulfil some of your requests.. *bare* with me ;)
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One of our biking trips and the wife decided to treat me to some pictures. A man walked past with his dog and enjoyed the full naked frontal of my wife.