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We rarely go to swingers clubs but, from time to time, it's very pleasant. There are always many beautiful couples in our favourite club and we had a very hot night once again.
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Me and my date went out for a drive and decided to park the car on top of the parking structure and have some naughty fun. Luckily, no one was around. ~~~Kisses
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That, however, is another story for another time. I do suggest that all you guys out there who have visited the Islands to send photos & stories that we would all enjoy.
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We where taking some sexy pictures to share with our friends on RC we decided to set up a avi camera for some "Behind the Scenes" shots. We hope you enjoy.
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hi there ..these are some fotos we took during our vacation this year...if the respont is good there r many more to come.....have fun ps name model irin..... location is greece
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**Also soory about blurring the face we both have high profile jobs & children so we can't show the eyes... maybe in the future...
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Hi Guys...here's more pics of my girlfriend. She really enjoyed the comments, keep them coming. We working on taking some of your requested pics for the next contri...let us know what you want to see!
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photos celebrity beach nude Thanks for the comments in my first contri. Here is the second part of my fantasy in Las Vegas.Hope you like it, girls comments are welcome.VOTE FOR ME
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photos celebrity strand nudeHi Guys & Gals I really liked your comments on my previous submission. So, as i promised you here are some more pictures of that same encounter. I hope you like these too... Kisses Beth
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Hotel Toys some more hotel pictures with toys I hope these pictures are expectable for your site Thank you for your kind attention Joh
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These are one of many. Stacy let me take pictures early on in our relationship. We've been together 8 years, and they've been great. And we're still taking pictures!
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photos celebrity sand nudeWent to a local park and got pretty naked..... She also masterbated for a Tractor trailer driver on the drive home............pretty good lookin for a 39 year old wife....don`t you agree.