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O.K., you asked for more! She has really enjoyed the comments. Her request to pose by our wheat fields (honest!). We are having fun thinking of new ways to pose.
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What A Women The first time my wife shows her naked body, and she is a little bit scared at set them at the web. So be kind and ther's more
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play and testing the new camera. and like to show you the picture,and all nice coments.this is part 2, and we promise,,there will be much more picture, of diferent art.
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Just Lingerie - My honey returns minus the blue jeans. The comments have been appreciated and fun to read. We thank you all. Enjoy.
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Hi this is Mary she is 46 yrs. old and lets me take lots of pics but is shy about showing them. Lets hear some encouragement so she will post more.
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photos nudist family naturist pictures Here are some of my wife Lisa. She has posted in econtris and at voyeurweb before. She is 36 and has 40D breasts. Her fantasy is to have 5 guys at once. Enjoy !
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Llegar a casa y descansar despues de un dia de trabajo ..es siempre gratificante ..pero si lo haces al lado de una mujer como ella es....
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on the dance floor,a group of (what looks like) college kids/lads was dancing really close by & would 'accidentally' bump into me.all good fun
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On a blistering, humid Florida day,...the time was opportune for some much needed R&R with my neighbor and girlfriend. Needless to say,...the "cooling off" only made the day even HOTTER.
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Sexy 35 yo Wife This is my sexy 35 year old wife. some from over the years. I still think shes hot. Give some good comment bet i can get her to do more. California sierra
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These are a few pics from last years Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. We have a blast every year. Each time getting a bit more brave.
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Une petite serie avec sa petite jupe ... humm trop sexy :) nous attendons vos commentaires (soft on aime pas la vulgarite !!!!) les commentaires de femmes sont les bienvenue ;)