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Round five of the hotel fun...I feel like a broken record, but it sure didn't feel like it when we were taking all these fun pics!
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We have been following your site since from the beginning.Finally Zeynep decided to pose for the community.She is 35 y.o.and the mother of one.I believe good comments will bring more......
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Nov 3rd Will try to send 6-14 per week as time permits. 6-7 is about the max we can send at one time anyway. PS: Please, if possible, do not list e-mail address. Thank you, Theresa and Ul
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Going out in a mini gets me giddy. Love masturbating in traffic or public when out on the town in my little bitty mini. Bending over is a thrill when the eyes on you, you can feel.
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Estoy encantada con vuestros comentarios , me hacen sentir muy bien, ya que despues de tener 4 embarazos se pierde la autoestima, gracias!!! los amo.
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Hi guys, haven't posted in a while but wanted to thank you all for the great comments last time. Here's some more shots for you all!
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Hello again Voyeurweb, I shot these pics at a homemade bikini contest in New Orleans, I thought all 3 of the broads were hot...the blondie won. More of my stuff on my FRC site. Enjoy! Voy
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Dulcinipple, like the VWstaff use to call me, is a very kind and cute nickname, but my groove sensuality epicentre is in my ass, Stefano loves it!
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I wanted to find out if my girlfriend was faithful so i smsed her on a number she did not know as someone she thought she knew, i got her to send these to me. Guess she ain't the bomb
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Patti posed for myself and another photographer for two hours doing this. She had fun and said it felt really good. You can tell she climaxed in some of these photos.
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My neighbor caught me taking pictures of my girl friend... Later in the day she came over and wanted to pose...What could I say
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We are looking discreet,straight man who has a nice athletic clean body,handsome, tall, good staying power and must be a repeater and happy to perform alongside other guys in a group scenario.